Friday, August 21, 2009

Ross's craigslist SCORE!!!

My buddy Ross of Ventura finally sent me his BING pix. NICE!!! here they are and here is the story: "There are plenty of before & after photos from the restoration process, complete with captions that give you an idea of what was going on.
As for backstory, I bought the board from a fellow in Newbury Park (my hometown) who was short on cash and looking to remove some junk from his side yard. At the time the board appeared to be in poor shape so I gave him a couple hundred bucks and figured I'd fill
the nose or something and just ride it as a beater log. As I did some ding repair, however, I noticed that the glass job was solid (no delam) and there was clean foam under & around most places. The light blue paint appeared to be after-market so I sanded off a layer only to find yet ANOTHER layer of blue hotcoat (also aftermarket) and the massive bing "eye" on the bottom. A little more sanding revealed the near-pristine white foam underneath so I decided to restore the entire board as much as possible. Bruce Collings of Malibu was kind enough to rebuild the nose with a new Balsa stringer-extension and foam chunks from an old junk board. Other shark bites were attended to and after a final hotcoat seal around the rails, she was back in action!"

Bing wrote me the following information concerning Ross' board:

"Hi Mike,
I've been enjoying your blog. It's nice to see all the current interest in Pig shapes. Your friend's board #4126 was ordered by a Bing Team Rider Bill Livingston on 4/23/65. See attached PDF "Birth Certificate".
Bing"I love the fact that BING is this organized!


  1. Super duper rad. Great story. Have you posted that serial number over on bing's site? He'll dig up his notes from when he shaped it: the 'birth certificate'.

  2. I was thinking about that. Will do then update!