Monday, August 10, 2009

Jim Shank's anorexic pig-ish surfboard

Jim sent me this via

Hey Mike,
I just picked up my new 9'0" Son of Sam model by Spencer Kellogg. Spoon/semi-pig. 16.5" nose, 22" wide, 15.75" tail. Medium pinched rails. Lots of hull/belly in the middle of the board. Looking forward to testing it out at Malibu.

I have a pupo hull that I love. It is the closest thing to this design in my quiver. I have had it for 3 years. It is piles of fun. A great travel board that one. a mean slicer and a clean trimmer. SUPER NICE!!! I am surfing it in the upcoming STOKE FILMS production Jazz the Glass.
We just recorded the voices for the characters of Jazz the Glass "captian blackstoke", "barking dickweasel" and "flossie" in the back of my van on 8/9/09. We had to drive to the south side of town to do it given this town was turned inside out for "fiesta".   

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