Wednesday, February 3, 2010

back in Dec.

my buddy miles shot these photos back in mid dec. this was my first session on the cooperfish blackboard prototype I. i can't believe (as of today) I have only had the board for just over a month and a half. i feel like I have been riding it for much longer. it feels like an extension of my mind. this particular session was post a ruff night. note to self. DO NOT DRINK SINGLE MALT WHISKEY. I didn't have my van this particular morning. i had to bum a ride to who knew where to retrieve it after this session. i felt like matt johnson in big wednesday. i am getting to old for this sea dog shit. i ain't braggin' about that lame shit. i'm just ownin up to it. anyway, the moral of the story...surround yourself with good people, that way, if you trip somewhere along the way you still have a chance of getting through it. 

where is your board?
in my car
where is your car?
i don't know

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