Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jazz the Glass is available!!

David Potter, my partner in STOKE FILMS,LLc just emailed me to tell me the Jazz the Glass DVD's have arrived. Those of you that pre-ordered...THANK YOU!!! yours will be shipped VERY SOON. if you are a surf shop and would like to order 5 or more copies please contact
Other wise if you would like to order a copy of
Jazz the Glass you can click here or use the link on the
right side of this blog. CHEERS BREW!
blast it!!!


  1. When am i gonna get my fukin stoke!? hahaha..
    no seriously we should drop those off to the magazines on friday before i leave for TEXAS!!!

  2. David got them ( in oregon) today. FUCK. I hope I can get them by friday. Classic.