Saturday, February 27, 2010

pig in a ute.

normally i abstain from posting pictures of the farm animal pigs on here...but this dog...and the story compelled me to. David Platt sent me this via "Hi Mike. I was on my way home from a surfing trip up the coast on Tuesday. We were at a remote, out of the way spot three hrs north. Needles to say I was surfing my pig. Anyway here are a few shots of this pig I saw in the back of a ute on the highway heading South. Check out the dog wearing goggles.Regards, David"

(marc lleyellyn shot the above picture...i pulled it off a google search for "australia surf waves". i took the liberty of placing this photo in here with the other 3 photos David shot...add some intrigue...maybe that is how is was where Platty surfed!)

that dog is loving it!!!

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