Wednesday, February 24, 2010

steve of empire surfboards has this model!

steve from empire surfboards sent me this via . i get stoked every time some one sends in boards to this site. its awesome to see what is going on out there. at times i feel like there is a "strict" definition of a pig...but that is arbitrary. like my buddy T-muck luck suggested...this isn't some scientific study. by far the most defining feature of a "pig" is the wide point aft. then you get into things like narrow nose, bellied bottom, low rocker, full rail, D fin ...and what not... each person approaches surfing differently. some people might think the board i ride is strange. so tweek the design! that is where its at. do YOUR thing. keep them coming! this board and the setting look great! kinda looks like a place in santa barbara. i knew a surfer with the same name as this boards owner out of los gatos and most recently Santa Barbara. makes one wander. here is what steve had to say: "hi Mike, love the Blog. i've been following it for a while now and there are always plenty of board and surf shots to inspire. i thought that this might be in your field of interest. i've been working on this model for a few years now, i call it the Mode. built this one for Alexa, a team rider. think that it just about fore-fills your pig criteria, apart from the D-fin. all the best, Steve"


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