Saturday, February 27, 2010

paul's pignar!!

paul sent me these pics of his pignar via i some how deleted the content of his email. I am stoked he sent these in. I have been wanting to post pics of this type of board on here for a while. Thomas Campbell and Michel Junod are friends of mine. I once saw this kid at malibu getting the CRAZIEST nose ride on the strangest part of the wave on one of these boards. i found his email! "Mike, Boy, do I love “Surf a Pig,” was pointed to it one day by our friend Gene Cooper. Doh! It hadn’t occurred to me until right now that the “Blackboard” that Gene is shaping for me might be named after you! Anyway, I thought you better see these right away. It’s a 9’8” Pignar Noserider shaped by Michel Junod with artwork by Thomas Campbell, director of “Sprout,” “Seedling,” and “The Present*.” I turn 54 on March 5th so, when I found this at Mollusk Surf Shop in San Francisco the other day, I bought myself “The Present*.”

NICE!! and thank you for the support!!

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