Wednesday, February 17, 2010

justin's follow up with some pics of his weber in action

justin sent this to me via
File this under better late than never. I really got to reconnect with the Weber I had emailed you pics of in december, had a stellar session on it New Years Day. Got a few good pics of the board in action, talk about trim, so fun. May have tweeked the fin on it again but well worth it. Stoked to get to surf the board I learned to surf on 19 years ago and really put it through it paces. Gene's blakboard looks sick, may have to take that for a borrow when i come out there in a couple of weeks. SW or NW swell I dont give a shit I am parking my ass at a beach sun up to sundown with a bevvy of boards and a cooler of beer and surfing my brains out, this winter in NY has been for the seals. And I need some serious salt water therapy and a case of tooberculosis. Aloha, Justin PS: There is no surf in NY, just ask Chris and Gene.
michael rovnyak took this picture of justin.

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