Thursday, February 25, 2010

SLIDE MAGAZINE and other reviews of Jazz the Glass!!!!

Well, this pretty much nailed it!!!

A story of 17th century, crude, beer-guzzling privateers fiercely intent on riding and guarding their secret surf turf from “kooks” with the underground goal of “mining the stoke” of Earth for a futuristic pickup by aliens from Planet C, which is running out of stoke, Jazz the Glass brilliantly breathes raw comedy and anarchic life into a discarded B+W stiff, with flair,to be sure. [Editor’s Note: Yes, you read that correctly.] This bizarre story, based within a dubbed, 70-minute, public domain pirate film from 1945, is definitely not for young ears, so, parental units, be advised, and, of course, this movie is rated “Aaahhhrrrr!” On the surf side, Jon Steele produces an attractive collection of segments, from ’60s pigs, fish, and logs to shiny thrusters. Costa Rica to Indo plus, with talent like Herbie Fletcher, Joel Tudor, Chad Marshall, Matt Wesson, Jared Mell, Chris Ward, Alex Knost, Tommy Witt, Adam Lambert, Josh Kerr, Jen Smith, Kassia Meador, Clay Marzo, Nate Yeomans, Damien Hobgood, and even Mike Black, including some classy switch-stance performances to boot/ Jazz the Glass is then wrapped up with a score by New York’s American Astronaut, known for their “space western musicals.” Jazz the Glass is something you have never seen before. Ha. -RS

John B from Wilmington North Carolina called and let this message on David Potter's phone: I just wanted to call and tell you that it is the funniest movie of any genre of all time I have ever seen. I think I laughed so fricking hard I think i pulled a stomach muscle and I think i popped a blood vessel behind my right eye....I told a buddy of mine down in florida , he definitely wants to do a premier down there. also, i wanted to see if I could sell your DVD on my website showing my friend Paco is really sick, it was exactly what he needed, we gave him the copy, he is going to go home and watch it over and over again. i can't even tell you ...thanks man.

He went further to post this recap of the night on his website:

Thanks to Mike Black and David Potter, makes of Jazz the Glass. That is the funniest and more profane movie I’ve ever seen. Along with a few Fat Tires and a pizza, I was in heaven. I almost blew an o-ring.The premier kicked ass. Level 5 is one of the best venues around. Plug in the DVD, turn on the projector and press play. That’s how I like it. Few moving parts.

A number of people told me they needed a movie like that. Others left after the 40th F-bomb in the first 5 minutes. We TOLD THEM IT WAS AN ADULT-ISH MOVIE. They were forewarned.

I’ll post photos when I get home from SC. Paco laughed the cancer right out of his bones. I’m goign to try to sell these DVDs on the site, but if I can’t, I’ll let you know where to buy them. I might do both. I still can’t get over the sheer brilliance of this movie. Dang. I know Waterman Gulf Coast is thinking of doing a premier in Florida. It is a moral imperative that people adhere to this stoke doctrine.

below are some pictures from their showing:

Here is another description of the movie I just received:

Watched it last night very funny stuff. My wife and the general public seem to think I've gone crazy as I bust out in laughter in line at the grocery store and, at the gas pump thinking about some of the scenes. I give it 5 stars. Watching this movie prompted me to watch Invasion from Planet C again this morning, there is no surf here today and nothing better to do. Great job to those involved and, thanks for a very entertaining surf movie with an added bonus of some great surfing.

Yet another description of the movie I just received:

Todd Glaser had this to say about it: "Jazz the Glass was all time! Pirates, rum and surfing...I was in tears laughing the whole time! well done,...well done!!!

Sami Ewers of Wend magazine's blog reviewed us. Check it out HERE.

skunk magazine reviewed Jazz the Glass:

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