Thursday, July 29, 2010

dave allee, cam oden, wayne lynch and the ...beautiful surfboard.

dave allee sent me this via Hey Mike, Saw your post about that guy's piglet. Our photograher, Cam Oden, had a similar idea. Taking a pig template and applying it to more of a midlength. We bladed out the rails a bit more on this one, so it could handle waves with a bit of juice. For being plywood, the fin still has quite a bit of flex. It kind of looks like the strange offspring of a hull and a pig. I think a decent day at church would be super ideal for this board. As soon as we get some waves, we'll get it out for a true test run. Just thought I'd contribute to the mini-pig conversation. Thanks Mike, Dave

haha, also, Oden would like me to add that this is a very Wayne Lynch inspired board.

what the fuck?! is there a better cutback than the one below?


  1. Hi Mike. I've restored and repaired a number of this style of board. I'm working on a 8' Keyo Plastic Machine right now. If you are keen I will send you photos and text. They are definately piggie too look at. All be it, they are shorter and wider with Greenough stage 3 fins. platty.

  2. Please Platty, I'd be stoked.

    I'm anxious to see the rail.