Friday, July 9, 2010

rob of royal is toked!

rob sent me this via
Hey Mike,I just wanted to say thanks for posting the boards, and that I'm loving the blog. Not sure why I didn't check it that much, but after digging around, and reading all the historical content, and the photos(for those pure beer soaked brain porn moments, lol) I'm totally loving the blog. I'll send you some more stuff when my camera is back up, but I've got a couple Velzys - one I'm not sure of who actually shaped it as they sprayed over the stringer because it gassed out during the lam but it was bought from the folks at the now defunct Longboard Grotto so I assume it was a Channin licensee, and one by Hank Byzak and ridden be Kevin (Lambchop) Shaunessy at Channin - that are very precious to me. The Byzak is unusual as it has a down rail nose with an edge, no concave, and very pinched out rails. In the meantime, I've got some wacked out 757/D fin mutations in the works that you might like to try. All the best, and as always, thanks for the stoke!Rob
PS the attachment is just a quick one from my parent's house in the Bahamas where all the boards are at the moment...L-R is the 10'0" Velzy, 9'6" Byzak/Velzy and the Ekstrom...
check out rob's get up. royal surfboards.

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