Sunday, July 18, 2010

the year of the pig.

platty sent me this via

Hi Mike. I was lucky enough to tomb raid a garage sale a friend was having prior to the advertised date. I picked up a bunch of old Australian and American surfing mags from the sixties and early seventies. The first one I picked up was volume 12 number 2 of Surfer. I was two pages in when I saw the heading. “It’s the year of the PIG”. I thought cool, an ad for pigs. So I stopped to read the ad. As I read I was thinking some of this is not making sense. When I got down to the 1st of the pointers in bold text I was definitely thinking this is not making sense. A 5’0” pig. It wasn’t until I looked at the inside cover that I realised I was reading an ad from the 70’s. After reading on a bit,1971.

Regards and oink oink David.


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