Thursday, July 29, 2010

marc andreini and "blackstoke"

i got me a new hat!
the battery on my other camera was i shot the below video with my phone. imovie wasn't letting me upload it. hence it is sideways. like i give a fuck. i am in awe. i will take proper pics of this new board soon. i will post them up accordingly.
the video below gives you another perspective of this beauty just before i waxed her.
i saved the battery in my other camera for the session. here is that video. it is marc and my buddy Tim surfing sliders with me.

marc dropped these two 12 footers off with my buddy tim and steve. i would have been in this photo if i hadn't had a "honey do" list. what a photo! thanks Tim!


  1. Can you believe that Marc broke his back?!?!?!?!

  2. no. i can't.

    the entire time...i kept wanting to say how grateful i was that he is here with me now. but i felt like that would be an awkward thing to say. he knew i felt like that. he is suck a stoked, humble person.

  3. He had the same impression on me!!

  4. hey mike - you're stoked! so how does it ride compared to your other pigs? still loving my 9'5 - not interested in any other longboard at the moment - just want a wave - It's been flat here on the uk east coast for too long - slowly going mad!!!
    all the best as ever

  5. cheers michael!

    sorry to hear about the flat spell. when i used to live in texas....those flat spells would slowly drive you mad.

    this pig is ALIVE. it is changing my approach to the wave. it is crazy what it doesn't take to turn this board. the action of this board. this board wants to go, some of my other boards prefer a little foreplay...not this one. she is just wanting to get dirty in a hurry.

    i have a lot to learn about her. so stoked!

  6. Hi Mike. The pig looks great and sounds like your having lots of fun on it. Any chance of a ride report from your buddy's on their 12 footers , they look siiiiick. Good luck with everything . Tim