Friday, July 30, 2010

yes. stoked.

jon from mitchs north sent me this...and it got me psyched. Hi Mike. Jon from Mitch's here. Congrats on your many new ventures. Just saw this photo on Kurdoroy tv blog.Greg Weaver and a missile pig. What is that, like 17"@wp, 12" nose? Just messin' but that is nuts! Looks likea spaceship or something.(could be my skewed vision though) Got my first piggy experience comin soon.9'9-16 3/8-22 1/2-15 3/4 wp 5" back.Rocker 3 1/2" at each end. Lookin perty flat. Can't wait though. Send some shots over next week when I get'er back. Hope all is well as I know that it is. Sayin High, Jon

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