Thursday, July 22, 2010

VELZY mania!

aaron clark sent me this via
Hey Mike, Thought you might enjoy some shots of my good friends 9'8 Velzy. He owned a great surf shop(ChekaLooka) here in Seattle and sold, as close as we can figure, about 12 Velzys out of the shop. This is one that he decided to keep for him self. It has been hanging in the garage waiting for the day it would be waxed and slid. Of course it surfed like a dream and was a real cool experience seeing it waxed and surfed for the first time.We mined quit a bit of stoke that day. Some say he is crazy to surf it. We say it would be crazy not to. Thanks for your smokin blog and keepin the stoke alive. Take care. Aaron P.S. I am going to send some photos of my 7'2 Velzy next.
you can not fuck with a velzy. every thing is right.
super clean!
this board had to be surfed. so stoked to own such a clean board.

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  1. Hi Mike, that plan shape looks similar to a Yater spoon template, less the spoon part of course. I wonder if Andrieni would agree. Love that plan shape. Also liked the D fin from Almond. Keep up the good work on the blog