Wednesday, July 14, 2010

giles bason and the way of the bacon.

i have been keeping my head down, surfing a bit, but mainly failing at doing proper handy man shit. any thing worth doing once is worth doing multiple times ...the reverend speefnarkle says. purchasing a house, packing a house, cleaning a house, moving a house, unpacking a house, moving into a house, painting and "improving a house" with a 9 month pregnant wife is exciting. my sweetheart keeps telling me that the people that are looking at my blog over in lithuania and some of these other strange (for surfing) places are looking for information on "serving a pig" for dinner. hence she wants me to use a pig as my blog logo. i tell her i don't give a fuck about someone looking to "serve a pig " for dinner that accidentally finds their way to this blog. be that as it is...she tells me I aught to put a pig as the logo. I say no. She says yes. I say no that is stupid, she says NO..saying its stupid is stupid. i just be quite and don't do it. well...then Giles Bason comes around. This picture is perfect. NICE!!!!
here is what Giles had to say: Hello, Your web pages kick muck, especially as I have been in and out of 'Pig' relationships since 1999. (My Dad has blinding old school vision when it comes downs to boards, so I can thank him for twisting my melon over the years.) So, I thought it an appropriate time to sketch you a pic....'A Pig' I am an artist and small time crook of a shaper. Here on the East Coast of England, 50 000 ass licks later, we are low on stoke....Do you have a copy of 'Invasion' and 'The Jazz' for a multi-region fella like myself?Good work Mr Black! Aloha,Giles Bason.


  1. hey mike
    giles rocks - top guy - great artist - makes good boards! That goatie on the pig matches his - so does the hair cut!
    your other east coast (hat) contact

  2. mike,

    i was wandering if you all knew each other. I am ULTRA PSYCHED on Gile's shit. I wrote him back asking if i could use this as a shirt. trade style!


  3. Best header ever. Well done fellows.

  4. That's a classic image "surf-a-pig", conjures images of a nice old balsa Velzy-Jacobs PIG. Put the "Surf-a-Pig" on a t-shir, I'd buy one. Giles has some nice shapes too. But, I'm spoiled to ride Skips'. Surf-a-Pig T-shirt, do it!