Saturday, July 31, 2010

Grant Newby's "the alley slider"!!! wood style!!!

check this out! kinda looks familiar. grant newby sent this to me via Hi Mike, I shaped the foam one for Christmas and loved it so much , such a fun board. So now it has a woody brother exactly the same specs all out of Paulownia. 10ft x 24" x 3 1/2" wide point 18" back for 1/2 way. Long concave from the nose to the wide point. Then rolled V out through the tail. Fun all the way. 6mm Paulownia frame 8mm deck , 6mm bottom and solid laminated rails.Very strong unglassed at 10kg / 22lb 4oz top and bottom to protect it and no more. Strong enough to surf it unglassed and just oiled , but wanted to surf it and try it with the added weight.She is all ready for the Wooden Board Day next weekend.


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  1. he is a talented bugger mr.newby, he makes the world of surfing a better place, just finished my 6 pack of mac's pilseners for the evening and thought of you, come back to nz, we miss you and you gnar gnar planet c pink twin keel fishies !, micro from nz