Monday, July 12, 2010


greg landers has an amazing hand for drawing/painting rad shit. greg had an art show this past weekend at hurley. los desperados are laying it down... at the show some fucking kook ripped his shit. greg is getting the word out:
Mike,This fin was part of some props in the back of an old truck at the Los Desperados Art Banditos / Bat Skates Show that went on at Hurley last saturday night. It was STOLEN and I wanna put the word out that were looking to BLAST the f*cker that stole it. The original color was a redish orange resin tint (JUNOD NOWSKI template), but I sprayed it black and stripped it. The reward for finding the fin and bringing me a chopped off right hand from the prick that stole it is a Free T-Shirt and $20!! Cheers,Greg
send me ( or greg ( an email if you have any info.

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