Wednesday, July 7, 2010

house stuff = need ocean time.

i saw this on chad and trace's blog
i have been moving, and been broken down from moving, doing turbo chores...straight up handy man shit. "i'm getting too old for this sea dog shit". FEEE-YUUUCCK!!! stoked to see my boys getting some though. hope everyone else is surfing their brains out. i should be back soon. by then i suspect everyone will be surfed out. PERFECT.

on the home front, after i posted this...i tried to replace a faucet head outside , i turned a valve that i thought was the "main " water supply to the house. i checked the kitchen faucet and noticed I had shut the water off. i go outside and take the faucet head off. as i am unscrewing it, there is still some water pressure. no big deal, this faucet was lower than the kitchen faucet. the little spray from the threads is taking a long time to subside. i decide to get this over with and take the faucet head all the way off. all this water starts gushing everywhere. i think to myself.."humm..this seems excessive"..when i say gushing i mean gushing...i aint shittin ya. right about then, some alarm sound starts BLASTING! my 9 month pregnant wife is laying in bed half asleep, the floor people are upstairs working on the floors. i'm outside trying to fight physics with ignorance and brute force. my wife ran outside, found the real main water supply and shut it off. the water stopped, the alarm stopped, i screwed the new faucet on. no leak.

NICE! when the alarm started, she woke up to see me outside trying to force on a new faucet head on to a 1/2" pipe flowing full on (this is some water pressure alarm) my clothes are soaked , i am there knowing this action will yield no results, yet still fully committed to it. hence the ignorance and brute force comment. i had shut off the house water only, apparently there is a "main" that shuts off the house and the "outside" water. good thing the missus watches all the HG DIY shit. good thing she had been looking the shit up before my non-handy man ass started fucking shit up.


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